Plate Object

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The Plate object can be used to create a model that represents the geometry of a Spacecraft to be used for higher fidelity Solar Radiation Pressure (SRP) modeling. Users can define the size and orientation of plates with respect to the Spacecraft Body Coordinate System, configure plates to track the Sun in either single-axis or two-axis rotation, and query the SRP force and torque generated by the PlateModel. See the Flat Plate Model guide for more information.


Users cannot create instances of this type of object. However, users can access instances of this object type that have been created indirectly, for example as children of other objects. Users can also access any static properties and methods on this object type.


Inheritance Hierarchy: Object->Plate


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Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in nanosecond timing precision mode.

Click here to see the documentation for this object in millisecond timing precision mode.