ODProperties Object

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The ODProperties object is a base type that provides an array of estimable OD properties to the objects that derive from it.  See the Orbit Determination Guide for more information.


Users cannot create instances of this type of object. However, users can access instances of this object type that have been created indirectly, for example as children of other objects. Users can also access any static properties and methods on this object type.


Inheritance Hierarchy: Object->ODProperties

Derived Types: FiniteBurnODProperties, GNSSReceiverODProperties, GroundAntennaODProperties, GroundStationODProperties, ImpulsiveBurnODProperties, OutgassingEventODProperties, ReceiverODProperties, SensorODProperties, SpacecraftODProperties, TransponderODProperties


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Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in millisecond timing precision mode.

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