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The Get command loads data from an external file into a FreeFlyer Object. The external file must be in a supported format.




FreeFlyer Object File


Get myVariable from "myVariable.FFObjectFile";


Spacecraft State Files


Get mySpacecraft as element 3 from "";
Get mySpacecraft as ASCII from "SCState.txt" using "SCConfig.txt";



3 is the element number in ""

"" is the name of the TCOPS Vector Hold File (TVHF)

"SCState.txt" is an external ASCII file containing Spacecraft information

"SCConfig.txt" is the name of the configuration file used to define the contents of the "SCState.txt" file


Ephemeris Formats


Note: In FreeFlyer 6.0 or higher, use the Ephemeris.LoadEphemeris() method.


Get myEphemeris from FFephem "SCephem.FFephem";

Get myEphemeris from CCSDSOEM "SCephem.txt";
Get myEphemeris from STKephem "SCephem.e";
Get myEphemeris from STKAHF "SCephem.a";


// Requires NASA Pack

Get myEphemeris from ephem "SCephem.ephem";
Get myEphemeris from PCephem "SCephem.PCephem";



"SCephem.FFephem" is a FreeFlyer-formatted external ephemeris

"SCephem.txt" is a CCSDS OEM-formatted external ephemeris

"SCephem.e" is a STK-formatted external ephemeris

"SCephem.a" is a STK-formatted attitude history file

"SCephem.ephem" is a Binary external ephemeris (Requires NASA Pack)

"SCephem.PCephem" is a PCephem-formatted external ephemeris (Requires NASA Pack)


Groundstation Geodetics File


Get myGroundStation as station KS2P from "groundstations.dat";



KS2P is the station Identifier for Kennedy Space Center

"groundstations.dat" is the name of the Station file


Star Field Files


Get myStarField as ffstarcatalog from "FFstars.dat";
Get myStarField as skymap from "SMstars.dat";
Get myStarField as openuniverse from "OUstars.dat";


Where "<XX>stars.dat" is an external file containing Star Catalog information




Any FreeFlyer object can be retrieved from an XML-formatted external file using the syntax: Get <myObjectName> from "myObjectName.FFObjectFile";

The Object.GetFromFile() or Object.GetFromString() methods can be used in place of the Get command.

The Put command is used to store object data to external files, which can be retrieved with the Get command.

The Put and Get commands provide similar functionality to the Save and Restore commands, while saving object data to external files instead of internal memory.

When retrieving data for a Spacecraft object, the Get command will only import the spacecraft's properties, not its attached objects (such as tanks and sensors).

The Get command can not be used with Lists or Formations.


Copying objects:

The Assignment command can be used to set all the properties of one object equal to those of another object.

oThe Assignment command only supports certain object types: Variables, Arrays, Strings, StringArrays, Spacecraft, and GroundStations.

oThe Assignment command does not equalize the properties of any attached objects or subsystems (such as Propagators, ForceModels, Tanks, Thrusters, Sensors, and Antennas).

One way to copy objects or subsystems that are not supported by the Assignment command is to use the Put and Get commands to put the first object out to a file and then load all the properties back in to a second object.

oThe example below shows how to equalize all the properties of two Spacecraft's Propagators and ForceModels:


// Use the Assigment command to copy Spacecraft1's properties into Spacecraft2

Spacecraft2 = Spacecraft1;


// Put Spacecraft1's Propagator and ForceModel to files

Put (Spacecraft1.Propagator AsType RK89) to "prop.FFObjectFile";

Put (Spacecraft1.Propagator AsType RK89).ForceModel to "fm.FFObjectFile";


// Retrieve data from files into Spacecraft2's Propagator and ForceModel

Get (Spacecraft2.Propagator AsType RK89) from "prop.FFObjectFile";

Get (Spacecraft2.Propagator AsType RK89).ForceModel from "fm.FFObjectFile";



Command Editor


Specifies the FreeFlyer Object that you would like to retrieve from an external file





Any other object



Displays the FreeFlyer Script that is generated by the editor



Displays descriptions of the editor and its fields

Description text changes as the mouse pointer moves over the different fields within the editor






Spacecraft State Files


Note: This syntax has been deprecated as of FreeFlyer version 6.0. See Working with TLEs and the SGP4 Propagator for updated syntax.


Get mySpacecraft as NORAD 2 from "NORAD.txt";
Get mySpacecraft as NORAD 2 from "NORAD.txt" using "NORADconfig.txt";
Get mySpacecraft as NORAD Next from "NORAD.txt" using "NORADconfig.txt";
Get mySpacecraft as NORAD 2 from "NORAD.txt" using "NORADconfig.txt" named "myString";



2 and Next define the state from the NORAD file

"NORAD.txt" is an external NORADSGP4-formatted file containing Spacecraft information

"NORADconfig.txt" is the name of the configuration file used to define the contents of the "NORAD.txt" file



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