Namelist Input

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Specifies a namelist file, which is used to populate a user interface. Each line in the namelist is the next sequential user input that is displayed by a user interface. This switch is used in conjunction with the Mission Plan switch.


For more information on working with namelist files, please see the Using Namelists section of the Custom User Interfaces Guide.


The following Sample Mission Plans (included with your FreeFlyer installation) demonstrate working with namelists:


Interfacing with External Resources Samples

Create Namelist Batch Files


Note: When using an input file with the UserInterface it is required that the UserInterface variables are arranged in the same order as the input file variables to retrieve the proper input values for each entry. Otherwise, when the Mission Plan is run the default UserInterface value will be used instead of the input file value.








FreeFlyer.exe -mp <PATH TO FILE> -r --namelist-input <PATH TO FILE>



 Run a Mission Plan named default.MissionPlan and use a namelist named "C:\Namelists\default_inputs.txt".