TrajectoryPhase Object

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The TrajectoryPhase object represents a user configurable trajectory arc for solving generic optimal control problems in FreeFlyer. Users can configure and link multiple trajectory phases with varying control models including: ballistic, simple thruster, and ideal solar sail control models. Using the TrajectoryPhase object, users can add bounds and constraints to the optimization problem to reflect real world limits when optimizing the objective function.


The TrajectoryPhase object is added to the Optimizer using the Optimizer.AddTrajectoryPhase() method. When the Optimizer.LoadEngine() method is called, all variables and constraints associated with the added TrajectoryPhases will automatically be added to the optimization problem. No further action inside of the Optimizer evaluation loop is needed from the user in order to solve the constraints originating from TrajectoryPhases.



Inheritance Hierarchy: Object->TrajectoryPhase


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