SpacecraftObservationFile Object

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The SpacecraftObservationFile object provides functionality for reading and writing SpacecraftObservation data (azimuth/right ascension, elevation/declination, range, and range-rate) to or from FreeFlyer's ASCII file format. The time system for data contained in the SpacecraftObservationFile is TAI in Modified Julian format and range and range-rate data are given in km and km/s, respectively. Azimuth, elevation, right ascension, and declination data are given in radians in the reference frame of the observing Sensor. Lastly, the spacecraft observer position is given in km, in the MJ2000 Earth Equatorial inertial reference frame.


Inheritance Hierarchy: ObjectàTrackingDataFileàSpacecraftObservationFile


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Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in nanosecond timing precision mode.




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