AcqData Object

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The AcqData object is used when creating Improved Inter-Range Vector (IIRV) and Extended Precision Vector (EPV) messages using the Spacecraft.IIRV(AcqData1) or Spacecraft.EPV(AcqData1) methods.  The AcqData object contains various information used to build this string message, including the type of vector and the reference coordinate system, which is combined with the Spacecraft state vector (position and velocity) at a given epoch, as well as additional spacecraft properties.  The IIRV and EPV formats are specified by the “Tracking and Acquisition Handbook for the Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network”, October 1994.


To report the IIRV or EPV to an output file, the “as Binary” and “without linefeed” options should be used, in order to ensure properly formatted line endings.  For example:


Report as Binary Spacecraft1.IIRV(AcqData1) to "myIIRV.txt" without linefeed;


Inheritance Hierarchy: Object->AcqData


Available In Editions:

Engineer w/NasaPack

Mission w/NasaPack


Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in millisecond timing precision mode.

Click here to see the documentation for this object in nanosecond timing precision mode.