Sample Applications

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Your FreeFlyer installation includes access to a directory of sample applications designed to help you learn how to use the runtime API. To access the list of sample applications, navigate to the FreeFlyer directory within your My Documents. You'll find a Runtime API folder therein, which contains both the references for the language interfaces as well as the examples on how to use them.


The categories are as follows. Note that the Common Samples are available in all supported languages, and thus in some cases there isn't a sub-category for a specific supported language.


Common Samples

C# Samples

Java Samples

Matlab Samples

Python Samples


The samples are organized into folders based on language, and under each language's folder you'll find the references folder and the examples folder. There is another folder named "examples_common" at the same level as the language folders, which provides the FreeFlyer Mission Plans and other support files that are used by all of the examples.