Creating a Batch File

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You can repeat the same runs many times using a batch file to specify the executable and switches. Create a batch file using an ASCII text editor such as Notepad, or at the command line by typing Edit followed by the name of the batch file to be created. Remember to save the file with the ".bat" extension (this is not a standard file type for Notepad).


In the batch file, you can specify the full path to the FreeFlyer executable(s) and the relative path to your Mission Plan(s), as shown in the example below.



Creating a Batch File

Follow the steps below to create a batch file:


1.Launch any ASCII text editing program.

2.Enter the path to the desired executable: FF.exe or FreeFlyer.exe.

3.Enter the necessary switches (documented in the following pages).

4.Save the file with the ".bat" extension.



Creating a Mission Plan List

Follow the steps below to create a Mission Plan List file:


1.Launch any ASCII text editing program.

2.Enter each Mission Plan on its own line.

3.Comments (//) and blank lines are allowed.

4.Precede each Mission Plan (including relative or absolute path and extension) with the -mp switch



Example: myBatchFile.bat

In this example, the batch file, Mission Plan List, and all Mission Plans are saved in the same directory, which is different from the FreeFlyer Install directory.




"C:\Program Files\a.i. solutions, Inc\FreeFlyer\FreeFlyer.exe" -mpl MissionPlanList.txt




-mp BattlespaceComm.MissionPlan

-mp chineseDebris.MissionPlan

-mp Sensor_to_Shooter.MissionPlan