Explore Huntsville, AL

Are you looking for an exciting career in the space industry?  We invite you to explore what life is like as a team member at a.i. solutions Huntsville. Explore just some of the reasons why the wonderful city of Huntsville should be on your radar for the next step on your career path.

Location: Huntsville, AL


According to the U.S. News & World Report, Huntsville, Alabama is one of the best cities in the United States to live. It’s low cost of living, high-paying jobs and the education level amongst the residents who live here are what make the city so desirable.

The attraction of this fast-growing town only increases when people learn that it is home to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, making space a huge part of this town’s personality. Other family-friendly attractions include the North Alabama Railroad museum, Lowes Mill Arts & Entertainment and so much more. Its diverse population, great eats and warmer climate make this a desirable destination for anyone.

Here’s a list to share just a handful of reasons you may want to consider calling Huntsville “home”:

  • Space nation
  • Warm weather calls for many outdoor activities
  • Low housing costs
  • Great area for families
  • Fast-growing metro area
  • Cultural attractions
  • Excellent schools
  • Strong economic region
  • Low traffic score
  • History in the space race
  • Home to the “Huntsville Havoc” hockey team
  • One of the most recognized cities in the Southeast

Restaurants + Nightlife

In Huntsville, there’s a restaurant for everyone and anyone. Whether you’re looking for a casual place or a night of fine-dining, Huntsville is filled with diverse and high-quality food. Get ready to satisfy your cravings with hearty southern food, European cuisine, Vietnamese, authentic Mexican and so much more. After dinner, get ready to end the night in the big city with friends at a quiet, cool lounge or at a bar with live music because this city has it all.

Explore local options such as:

  • Thriving microbrewery industry
  • Lively downtown Huntsville
  • More than 150 diverse eateries

Local Restaurants

Family Fun

While Huntsville is known for everything space, there are more family fun activities that don’t involve space history. There are festivals, like the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival, botanical gardens, museums, art and more.

Outdoor Activities

If you love adventure and the outdoors, Huntsville is the place to be. With the fantastic weather and beautiful parks, it’s a great please to take a hike, go for a bike ride or sight see with your friends and family. Not only do they have these amazing nature trails, but the outdoor activities include ziplining, camping and paddling the Flint River.

Trails and Parks


Landmarks + History

Huntsville, Alabama is rich in history. It’s home of the nation’s oldest existing railroad depot, is full of antebellum houses — with architecture dating back to Neoclassical times — and has many museums full of historical background. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is also located in Huntsville where you can find historical space craft items, like the Neutral Buoyancy Space Simulator and Redstone Test Stand.

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