New FreeFlyer® Licensing Options

January 20, 2017

In order to meet our customers’ ever-expanding licensing needs, a.i. solutions is pleased to introduce three new options for purchasing FreeFlyer.

In addition to the standard, tried-and-true FreeFlyer perpetual licenses and annual maintenance support that have always been available, we are now offering three new options: FreeFlyer Annual Lease, FreeFlyer TimeBlocks, and FreeFlyer Enterprise Licensing.

FreeFlyer Annual Lease

Customers may now purchase FreeFlyer at a discounted rate by choosing the new annual lease option. In this new model, we provide a time-stamped 12-month license and maintenance support for a discounted price. At the end of the 12-month period, customers may elect to continue FreeFlyer usage by purchasing another year of license lease. We also offer options for converting annual lease licenses to perpetual FreeFlyer licenses; contact us for more information!

FreeFlyer TimeBlocks

This option allows customers to purchase one FreeFlyer TimeBlock license and annual maintenance support, and receive 12 total months of FreeFlyer usage across any number of machines, to be redeemed at any time upon customer request. For example, the 12 months of usage could be redeemed as follows:

  • Two 6-month licenses for two different users/machines in parallel
  • One 6-month license, then two 3-month licenses in parallel
  • One 6-month license, then a 3-month license, then another 3-month license
  • Twelve 1-month licenses for 12 users/machines in parallel

…or any combination thereof. This option offers the customer benefit of paying up front for a specified amount of time of FreeFlyer usage without knowing exactly when the licenses will be needed, and the maintenance support is only active during the time that a license is activated. Your FreeFlyer Account Manager will keep track of your available and used FreeFlyer TimeBlocks.

Both the FreeFlyer Annual Lease option and the FreeFlyer TimeBlocks option are ideal for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Short-term projects, proposal support, or IRAD studies
  • Small businesses and commercial start-ups with limited initial funds
  • Ground system modernization where parallel operations are required for a period of time


FreeFlyer Enterprise Licensing

We now offer flexible options for users to procure a FreeFlyer site license, or “Enterprise” license solution to meet the needs of customers with high licensing needs (>50 licenses). These options include additional discounts for a set number of FreeFlyer network licenses, with built-in “surge licensing” capability for high-demand operational periods. These options can be customized for individual customer needs.

For more information and no-hassle pricing on any of these new FreeFlyer licensing options, contact

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