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Emergency Management, Continuity of Operations, and Geospatial Solutions

Trustworthy, adaptable, and consistently delivering high quality results define our emergency management team culture.

We forge resilience into an organization’s capability to perform their most essential functions in this daunting world.

a.i. solutions staff were awarded the prestigious NASA Agency Honor Award – Group Achievement Award in 2017 for exceptional leadership and technical contributions to the validating the continuity capabilities of NASA.

Our professional staff are passionately invested in the emergency management profession, and add value to our clients, because service is provided based on experience, education, and professional certification. The majority of our staff have a graduate degree and have achieved one or more certifications, including:

Our services comprise an all-hazards approach that is compliant with all Presidential Directives, Federal requirements, and the distinctive mission-focused needs of our clients. Qualified staff guide clients through the full emergency management life cycle, continuity of operations program management, test, training, and exercise delivery, programmatic planning, and implementation of organizational improvements.

We apply unique geospatial solutions capabilities to connect easily digestible near-real time data to decision makers and first responders to more effectively save lives, property, and the environment in response to disasters. We are routinely involved in aiding the response to global disasters including flooding, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and other types of incidents.

These a.i. solutions services are easily obtainable for Federal clients through the General Services Administration (GSA) Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue. Click here for our current Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List under GSA Schedule 84.

Emergency Management

We serve Federal executive and legislative branch clients with on-site emergency preparedness and management planning, trainings, exercises, and response operations management. Value-add services include:

  • Multi-year strategic program management planning services
  • Emergency response operations support, planning, and training services
  • Occupant emergency planning, preparedness, and training services
  • Exercise design, delivery, and evaluation

Continuity of Operations

We support Federal clients with continuity of operations planning, training, exercise, and implementation. Offerings include:

  • Agency level continuity of operations planning and operational support
  • Organizational business unit continuity plan development
  • Risk management evaluation services
  • Continuity exercise design, delivery, and evaluation

Geospatial Solutions

We provide near real-time geospatial solutions to national and international decision makers and on the ground responders that more effectively aid the global community during the disaster life-cycle. Products and services include:

  • Global partnership engagement
  • Disaster response management and coordination services
  • Geo-platform development and web services
  • Planning to improve disaster resiliency

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