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a.i. solutions Newsroom - Freeflyer Blog

Satellite Constellation Missions with FreeFlyer® Astrodynamic Software

July 4, 2019
FreeFlyer Blog Press Release

Flying multiple satellites in formation within a constellation or cluster is a complex task: coordinated orbital maintenance maneuvers, efficient collision avoidance analysis, and combined coverage over geographical regions all require the right tools. a.i. solutions' FreeFlyer Astrodynamics software is packed with capabilities that allows you to design a constellation to your specifications and perform the analyses needed to ensure your mission's success.

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OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Rendezvous

November 29, 2018
FreeFlyer Blog

As OSIRIS-REx begins its rendezvous with the famous asteroid Bennu on December 3, 2018, you can visualize its approach in this simulation using a.i. solutions' FreeFlyer Software.

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FreeFlyer 7.3 Tips and Tricks

November 29, 2017
FreeFlyer Blog

Enhance your FreeFlyer scripting expertise with these lesser-known tips and tricks!

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FreeFlyer 7.3 now available!

September 11, 2017
FreeFlyer Blog

We are pleased to release FreeFlyer 7.3, the newest major release of FreeFlyer, now available for download!

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