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46th Space Congress®

February 26-March 1, 2019

“Light the Fire”

Mark your calendars: February 26th- 28th, 2019

Golf Tournament: March 1st, 2019

The planning of the 46th Space Congress® is underway. Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS), is once again collaborating with NASA Kennedy Space Center, Space Florida, and the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.

Light the Fire” is this year’s theme. It was chosen to outline discussions about “lighting the fire” of launch, new technologies, exploration, innovation, imagination, and inspiration!

  • A broad group of panel discussions will be held covering topics that may include:
  • Return to Flight Lessons-Learned
  • Commercial Crew (ISS and other potential users)
  • Evolution of KSC and the Eastern Test Range
  • Commercial Programs (Launch, Tourism, Moon-mining)
  • International Programs
  • NASA’s Exploration Program – Moon to Mars
  • Robotics and Science
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • Space Policy/Law (enabling or restrictive)
  • Growing our Next Generation

Since it’s the year of the 50th Anniversary of the US Moon Landing, we also plan to honor all the Apollo Astronauts who’ve “lit the fire” before us and continue to inspire us and the next generation.

We hope you can join us! It’s going to be an exciting year for space exploration and an exciting 46th Space Congress®

Program schedule



Radisson Resort at the Port
Cape Canaveral, FL