Spacecraft.ParticleFlux Method



The ParticleFlux method uses the NASA AP-8 and AE-8 particle flux maps to calculate the omnidirectional flux of the specified particle type with the energy level specified by minimumEnergy. The AP/AE maps contain collected data of proton and electron fluxes in the Earth's radiation belt with energy ranges from 0.04 MeV to 7 MeV for electrons and from 0.1 MeV to 400 MeV for protons. See the help file for links to more detailed documentation on the AP/AE maps. The user has the option to specify epoch and longitude offsets to include in the flux calculation.



For more detailed information on the particle flux models, please see the Goddard Space Flight Center's description here:


Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in nanosecond timing precision mode.


Overload List


Spacecraft.ParticleFlux(Variable, Variable, Variable)

Spacecraft.ParticleFlux(Variable, Variable, Variable, TimeSpan, Variable)


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