Spacecraft.EarthShadow Property



This property has been Deprecated. Please use Spacecraft.InShadow() instead.


EarthShadow returns an integer value indicating when the Spacecraft is in any portion of the Earth's shadow. A value of 1 is returned when the Spacecraft is in Earth's shadow and a 0 is returned if it is not. The calculation assumes a spherical Earth and spherical Sun. When a Spacecraft is in the penumbra region of the shadow, or partial shadow, EarthShadow returns a 1.


The three regions of the Earth's shadow, the umbra, penumbra, and annular, are shown in the diagram below. If a spacecraft is in any of the three regions of the shadow, EarthShadow returns a value of 1. A spherical Earth and spherical Sun are assumed.


The three regions of the Earth's shadow.

The three regions of the Earth's shadow.


Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in millisecond timing precision mode.









myVariable1 = mySpacecraft1.EarthShadow;


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