Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange Method



Returns a sequential listing of events related to the proximity of two objects. It provides the entry time and exit time of one object moving within the user specified range of another object, as well as the time and range of closest approach, and the time and range of greatest separation. The times and ranges are computed through one of two user-selectable formulations of the ANCAS interpolation algorithms.


For more information on the ANCAS algorithms, please refer to: Alfano, Salvatore. Determining Satellite Close Approaches, Part II. Journal of the Astronautical Sciences 42.2. Apr-Jun 1994, 143-152.


Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in nanosecond timing precision mode.


Overload List


Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange(Variable, GroundStation)

Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange(Variable, Spacecraft)

Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange(Variable, GroundStation, Variable)

Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange(Variable, Spacecraft, Variable)

Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange(Variable, GroundStation, TimeSpanArray, Array, Array)

Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange(Variable, Spacecraft, TimeSpanArray, Array, Array)

Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange(Variable, GroundStation, Variable, TimeSpanArray, Array, Array)

Spacecraft.CloseApproachRange(Variable, Spacecraft, Variable, TimeSpanArray, Array, Array)


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