ForceModel.PlanetoPotentialFilename Property



Specifies the planetopotential data files' paths and names for modeling non-spherical, non-homogenous gravity fields. If no file is specified for Earth ("DEFAULT"), then the file specified in Project Preferences for Geopotential File will be used.


The potential file used for each celestial body contains values for the physical properties of the body (Gravity Constant (mu), Body Radius, Reciprocal Flattening). These values are used when propagating the Spacecraft any time a potential file is used. For other calculations that depend on the physical properties of a celestial body, such as Spacecraft.Height or propagation of a Spacecraft with a point mass gravitational model, the celestial body physical properties are set using syntax such as "Earth.Mu".


Timing Precision Mode

This page describes functionality in nanosecond timing precision mode.

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Array of string



Default Value:

{ "", "", ..."", "" }



myString1 = myForceModel1.PlanetoPotentialFilename[0];


myForceModel1.PlanetoPotentialFilename[0] = myString1;


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