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It is no longer necessary to use the Create command syntax when defining objects in FreeFlyer script - simply specify the object type and name to create an object. The Create command can be removed from any Mission Plans using FreeFlyer 6.5 or higher. The Create command is not supported in nanosecond timing precision mode, but is still allowed in millisecond precision mode for backwards compatibility.




FreeFlyer 6.5 or higher


Variable myVariable;

Variable myVariable = 5;

Variable i;///index count
Array myArray;

Array myArray[5];
String myString;

String myString = "String of text";
StringArray myStringArray;

StringArray myStringArray[8];
ForceModel myFM;
RK89 myRK89;
Spacecraft mySpacecraft1(myRK89);

Ephemeris myEphemeris;///initial ephemeris for mySpacecraft2
Ephemeris myAttitudeHistoryFile;
Spacecraft mySpacecraft2(myEphemeris, myAttitudeHistoryFile);
Spacecraft mySpacecraft3;

Spacecraft mySpacecraft;///estimated spacecraft

Formation myFormation;
List<Spacecraft> leoAssets;
List<GroundStation> dsnNetwork;


FreeFlyer 6.0 or earlier


Create Variable myVariable;
Create Array myArray[5];
Create String myString;
Create StringArray myStringArray[8];
Create ForceModel myForceModel;
Create RK89 myRK using myForceModel;
Create Spacecraft mySpacecraft2 using myRK;
Create Ephemeris myEphemeris;
Create Ephemeris myAttitudeHistoryFile;
Create Spacecraft mySpacecraft1 using myEphemeris and myAttitudeHistoryFile;




In FreeFlyer 6.5 and higher, the "Create" keyword is optional.

Any FreeFlyer object can be created using the syntax:

o<ObjectType> <ObjectName>;

In nanosecond timing precision mode, when an Array or StringArray length is not specified, the default length of 0 is used.

oIn millisecond timing precision mode, the default Array or StringArray length is 10.

"myEphemeris" and "myAttitudeHistoryFile" must be created before they are used in the creation of "mySpacecraft".

In the example "Spacecraft mySpacecraft3;", the default Propagator and ForceModel are created automatically.

See the Lists page on creating a List of any FreeFlyer object type.

You can set a custom mouse-over description for any Object using the syntax, "Spacecraft mySpacecraft;///estimated spacecraft"; the description will appear in the tooltip mouse-over.



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