a.i. solutions provides space mission engineering.

a.i. solutions provides full-lifecycle space mission engineering services to both civilian (NASA, NOAA) and defense (USAF, NRO) space agencies, having supported more than 300 manned and payload missions in all orbit regimes. In every case, our top priority is ensuring mission objectives are met while maintaining spacecraft health and safety.

Modeling and Simulation

  • Spacecraft flight dynamics analysis and algorithm development
  • Formation and constellation design
  • Coverage and communication analysis
  • Launch window analysis
  • Sensor modeling

Software Engineering

  • Application development
  • Flight dynamics ground system development
  • Configuration of ground system components using COTS, GOTS and custom software solutions
  • Software for routine and mission-unique astrodynamics functionality
  • Integration, simulation and test in operational environments
  • Facility modernization, re-engineering and automation

Mission Operations

  • Orbit and attitude determination
  • Maneuver planning and trajectory optimization
  • Conjunction assessment, collision avoidance, Space Situational Awareness (SSA)