FreeFlyer® GPU

FreeFlyer® GPU is a high-performance extension of FreeFlyer, optimized for customers who require high-speed parallel processing. It combines the core astrodynamics engine of FreeFlyer with innovative dynamic modeling techniques (including simultaneous calculation algorithms), thus enabling users to perform more than 100 million state propagations per second.

Key FreeFlyer GPU features and benefits include:

  • Easy-to-integrate system architecture using NVIDIA’s CUDA libraries, and utilizing multi-GPU asynchronous kernel streams to support extremely large processing jobs.
  • Innovative dynamic modeling with optimized Runge-Kutta propagation for maximum throughput.
  • Supports all-vs-all screening for conjunction detection and probability calculations, utilizing advanced search techniques for improved performance, allowing conjunction detection to be performed at every time-step of the propagation.

FreeFlyer® GPU Documents

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