FreeFlyer® is software for space mission design, analysis and operations. It provides complete astrodynamics functionality for missions of any size or scale. With customizable interfaces and cross-platform use, it will support the full life cycle of your mission, from pre-mission analysis through mission operations. FreeFlyer offers unparalleled customizability and processing speeds, easily integrating with external tools and TT&C systems. FreeFlyer’s scalability easily accommodates your growing missions and evolving requirements.

FreeFlyer comes in multiple formats, giving you the flight dynamics functionality you need based on your mission requirements and budget.


Cutting-Edge COTS

FreeFlyer is a feature-rich astrodynamics tool that supports all phases of the mission lifecycle, from initial design trade studies through automated on-orbit operations. Powered by industry-proven astrodynamics algorithms accessed through a flexible scripting environment, FreeFlyer® is unmatched in its versatility to solve the toughest problems of today’s space missions.

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FreeFlyer® Meridian

Cost-Effective Flight Dynamics

FreeFlyer Meridian is a turnkey, cost-effective solution for managing a satellite fleet. Meridian optimizes common flight dynamics requirements in the GEO and LEO regimes, and its user-friendly graphical interfaces are specifically designed for streamlined spacecraft operations. Meridian requires minimal customization when integrating into a larger ground system, thus offering flexibility across hardware configurations, operating systems, and mobile platforms.

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FreeFlyer® GPU

High-Performance Extension of FreeFlyer

FreeFlyer GPU is a high-performance extension of FreeFlyer optimized for customers who require high-speed parallel processing. It combines the core astodynamics engine of FreeFlyer with innovative dynamic modeling techniques, enabling users to perform more than 100 million state propagations per second.

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Deep Space Trajectory Explorer (DSTE)

Interplanetary Trajectory Design

Deep Space Trajectory Explorer (DSTE) was created specifically for tackling the extremely complex challenges associated with optimal interplanetary trajectory design. DSTE allows user to visually manipulate trajectory data to quickly filter solutions based on any user defined criteria, and perform trade space analyses to arrive at optimal trajectories that meet mission requirements.

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